Kitchen & Bedroom design

Every home owner knows, that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and a bedroom is
the place of peace. At Marnilé our mission is to create kitchens and bedrooms that
best suit your style…

Wood Decking & Flooring

Flooring and decking are two items in any development which tends to be overlooked and under valued. We understand that the floor not only needs to compliment the aesthetic layout of your home, but also needs to be durable and cost effective. Whatever the area, we have a solution to satisfy all requirements.

Custom Furniture

Functionality and taste is two of the most important factors when designing any custom item. We make these two factors a non negotiable aspect of the process to ensure you have exactly what you were looking for, exactly the way you wanted it…


With more than a DECADE EXPERIENCE We have the know-how you need. As an interdisciplinary design studio we assimilate the art of interior and architectural design when creating your dream living spaces.


As a value added service we provide a free 3D Design Consultation. This allows you to see exactly what your new kitchen will look like before it’s installed, including finishing touches like the appliances, tiles and accessories.

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We manufacture and install of custom kitchens, BIC’s, bathroom and other specialized furniture. We take the hassle out of building your dream kitchen. As Turnkey specialist, we provide the full service.


Every project we take on, provides us with a unique opportunity to see different layouts of kitchens, designs, space planning solutions and styles, in different arrangements and surroundings. We pass this experience onto our clients, through our designs.

Vivien Willemse

With my wealth of experience, I plan to intrigue you with my design skill.  I'm one person that easily understands vision and driven to achieve  


Passionately committed to creating, fun, elegant and relaxed livingscapes based on your needs and importantly put a smile on your face for a job well done.


Quality Assurance Guarantee

Since 2001 we have helped unlock client's ideas & needs making their dreams a reality with beautiful kitchens, BIC & vanities. 

Together with our expert advice, knowledge & creative designs, we bring only the best in service & high-quality products to your home. 

We focus on client satisfaction and exceeding expectations by providing clients with products & services which are not only of high standard, but most importantly - we offer value for money.

From ultra-modern to country chic, we design and install kitchens, BIC's & vanities which are perfect for our clients now and for many years to come.

This is our Guarantee. 

Morne Gerber

I just have to see your space and immidiately can see to final product.  With vast experience you can rest assured that you are in good hands.   

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