Our Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchen styling is the genre that incorporates a number of styles including country, shabby chic, Mediterranean, rustic and farm.  In addition, a fascination with past eras has also infused the traditional genre with an eclectic mix of appliances, layout styles and colour use.

Elements of both traditional and modern kitchen styling can be combined to create the classic kitchen, but the main focus is on timeless qualities.


Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary styled kitchen presents modern, homely and very individual kitchens.  With plenty of freedom for personal design requirements, you can create you look.

Things that have been created with care and attention to detail have a certain distinctive flair. Classical shapes are combined with style.

Top quality cabinets, individually crafted for your kitchen, with leading brand state-of-the-art appliances, all installed to the highest standards, means that you can confidently expect a stunning kitchen that will provide many years of trouble free service.

Modern Kitchen

The rule for selecting materials and colours for a modern kitchen is that there are none.  Natural stones, raw woods, highly pressurized composites, and high-gloss can all have a place in the kitchen.  Sleek lines are perhaps the most obvious signifier of a modern kitchen with flat-fronted, frameless cabinetry, minimal (or concealed) hardware, simple but sleek appliances, floating shelves and strong horizontal lines.  Any ornamentation is gained only from the characteristics of natural materials used.

Made with Passion, Love & Dedication

At Marnile, we care for our furniture, we guarantee, that you will never find any defects on anything we install.  That also translates to happy client.