About Us


Our kitchens are assembled at our factory near Lanseria.  Production quality and innovative cupboard design are two of our most important manufacturing objectives. 

Marnile kitchens

Design aspirations are primarily focused on planning kitchens suited for modern architectural home styles.

Our experienced Kitchen design consultants understand the importance of optimizing all of the available space.  Greater emphasis is placed on the correct planning of storage and processing areas, creating a structured workflow within the kitchen.



At Marnile kitchens progressive thinking and our on-going reformation of contemporary cupboard designs, enables the achievement of optimal results in the aesthetic and functional aspects of all the kitchens we create.  


Easy access to the cupboard contents, planned consecutive workflow and aesthetic appeal, are all equally important characteristics that contribute to the successful use of the most important living space in the home.

With our specialized drawer systems, the arrangement and organization of stored items is simplified and a user-friendly environment created.  Every task becomes so much easier and less time consuming.


It's our belief that great design is fun, energetic, surprising and smart—and it should be accessible and affordable for everyone. When we talk about our dedication to good design, we don’t just mean how something looks, but also how it satisfies a need, how it simplifies your life, and how it makes you feel. Find out what drives our focus on design and innovation.